Picking The Right Wide Angle Cameras For Your Needs

A wide angle camera is a wise investment for yourself. A good camera can capture a moment in time that lasts forever. A high quality wide angle camera can take photos that a narrower camera simply can't take. Wide angle lens cameras allow you to capture more in your pictures. A wide angle lens takes a broader picture, it's like taking a few steps back compared to a normal camera.

Wide angle cameras are growing in popularity and their sales is increasing each year. With a wide angle lens you simply fit more into your picture. Having a wide angle lens camera is such a drastic improvement from a normal camera it is comparable to comparing basic cable to HD cable.

Choosing the right camera is an important decision. I usually keep my camera for years and will use it often until it no longer works. This means I want to buy a quality wide angle camera. I need a camera to be small enough to easily carry during my busy lifestyle, but big enough to take a great picture. You are going to spend a good chunk of change when purchasing a camera so you really need to make sure you end up with a quality camera at the end of the day.

So, what should you look for when shopping for the best wide angle camera for your personal use? While there are many factors, the most important include: cost, resolution, a wide angle lens, and size.


Wide angle cameras run the gamut, from surprisingly inexpensive to pretty costly. Expect to pay $100-$1,000 for most models. If you are shopping for just a wide angle lens for your camera there is a wide range of prices, expect to pay $10-$2,000 for most wide angle lenses. As with most products, remember that the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ holds true with cameras as much as anything else. Spend enough to get a high quality wide angle lens camera the first time and you’ll avoid spending over and over on repairs or having to buy a new one.


When discussing how to choose the right camera it is necessary to discuss resolution. Resolution is the main factor in your camera taking a quality photo. When speaking in technical terms, the higher the megapixels typically the better quality of the picture. Whenever I am shopping for a wide angle digital camera I always purchase a camera with at least 5 megapixels (but usually more).

Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens projects a substantially larger picture view than normal cameras. A wide angle lens increases the depth of the picture and fits more into the frame. A wide angle lens camera is such a substantial difference when comparing images with a normal camera. You normally would not think it would be such a noticeable difference until you compare the same image of a picture taken with a wide angle lens to a normal camera.


The size of wide angle cameras can vary substantially. The size of the camera does not always mean a better picture. There are many very small digital cameras that have very high megapixels, and there are also many large cameras with a small amount of megapixels. I prefer to have a smaller camera, I like having one I can quickly put in my front pockets of my jeans, but it is a decision ultimately up to the buyer.

Here is a short video that explains the top 10 tips when buying a camera.